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Introducing Tim Seggerman

A talented architect from Brooklyn, NYC, Tim has taken a previously cluttered and cramp house and has transformed it into a beautiful, cabin-like, space.

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Series 1: Lofts

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citizenjt said: I love your blog! Don't be surprised if I Like EVERY post lol

Aw, thanks for your support! I am officially not surprised if you like every post. ;) Hope you continue to be inspired!

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How one woman is building homes for the poor out of plastic bottles

Ingrid Vaca Diez is on a mission to build better homes for the poor.

With few funds and little support, she uses the only resource she can find in abundance - empty plastic bottles.

Her own life in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, is one of relative comfort but she is shocked by the rising level of poverty she sees around her.

Though completely self-taught, she designs and builds new homes using recycled plastic bottles filled with dirt as the “bricks”. So far, she has built 10 of these homes.

The people she is trying to help are rural, indigenous migrants, often living in single room, dirt floor shacks.

Watch here

So. Fucking. Smart.

Y’all, THIS!!

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Unusual Furniture Pieces: From Materials to Shapes

I feel like these would be great for a library, the interior of which played off this idea of wonky shapes and lines.